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  • katjabanik

The sun rises in the East: A plea for identity, nations and international understanding

My grandparents would never have seen themselves as part of the Western community. They were Prussians and their gaze was always directed eastward.....

The hidden power of geography and culture

Germans and Germany have always identified themselves through landscapes and tribes, the Bavarians, Prussians and Swabians, the people near the sea and the people of the mountains. Despite these apparent differences, these German tribes are connected by a spiritual and cultural awareness that is the root of the German nation.

Quite the opposite of France, which unites and identifies itself through the republican values of liberty, equality and fraternity.

German unity must not only be accomplished externally, but also internally. Unfortunately, this has not happened, because the victorious powers deliberately prevented the two states from reuniting that remained of the German Reich. The point was always incorporation, a subordination of the allegedly backward East Germany into West Germany and, thus, into the much invoked and more advanced Western community....

Many thanks @RIAC for republishing my essay "The sun rises in the East..."


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