Author, speaker and guest lecturer...

...on current geopolitical, economic and political issues related to China, EU and the US, focus on Jacques Ancel’s geopolitical vision “identity of heart” and global governance;, and

book author@éditions L'Harmattan, Paris.

As a member of the successor generation of the displaced population - my family had to flee on my mother's side from Königsberg in East Prussia in January 1945 and on my father's side from Schneidemühl in West Prussia - I increasingly connect the topics of identities and borders in my geopolitical views.

Managing editor@PwC China Compass;
International consulting/management expertise;
Senior management experiences - logistics.

Member of GIS Réseau Asie et Pacifique/GIS Études Asiatiques;
Membre associé à titre secondaire: ICEE - Intégration et Coopération dans l'Espace Européen - Etudes Européennes, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3.