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The sun rises in the East: A plea for identity, nations and international understanding

Immanuel Kant: “Peace is the masterpiece of reason.”

A quick look at current world events is enough to reveal that the world is further away from peace than ever. What humanity urgently needs now is common sense to secure peace, as we are living in an “in-between time” or, as we used to say, “between the years”: We are living in between two world orders.


The future challenge in this multi-regional – and not a multipolar – world will be to respect all nations and their populations, their unique cultural nature and value. No matter what their political system, whether dictatorship, autocracy or democracy, all nations and their peoples should be treated in a way that does not diminish their dignity.


History and geography

Forgotten words, forgotten spaces and places. Who still uses the word Laubsäusel (the rustle of foliage), who still feels herzensleise (quiet-heartedly) and sees the hehre Glänzen (noble shine) in the Augenzelt (eyes) of the other – and is herzerglüht (aglow in the heart) and so affected as to remain wunderstill (miraculously still) ?

When I hear the soft singsong of the East Prussian dialect, I am herzerglüht and become wunderstill.


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