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Always remain attentive and curious. Russia, China and the new world order

Wouldn’t neutrality be the right answer and attitude in these troubled times

True effects of sanctions

Non-Russian tourists no longer seem to be welcome. Museums, such as the new museum in Königsberg Cathedral, do not have an audio guide offering explanations in several languages — all labels are exclusively in Russian. This is also true in the Kant Museum in Judtschen. In the Königsberg Cathedral, Kant’s famous dinner party was re-enacted using AI and — amazingly — only Russian was spoken. This is a massive seizure by Russia of Kant, Königsberg and East Prussia, which leaves me stunned.

In general, the people in the Königsberg-Kaliningrad region seem more reserved than they did five years ago during my first visit, despite their warmth. These are the true effects of the sanctions — not economic, not political, but human. This is enormously tragic and far-reaching, and we should take decisive action to counter it.

We must continue to be open to everything and everyone, to travel and make targeted use of opportunities arising from the current geopolitical upheavals.

Many thanks RIAC


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